Do I Pay Zakat for Children ?

Shaykh Abu Eesa of AlMaghrib Institute gives a concise answer to whether zakat is payable for children.


It is quite possible that children have funds saved for them whether it be government welfare systems that contribute to a fund or parental donations.

Normally in the acts of worship the conditions are that one is baligh, mature, can be held accountable etc. Zakat however according to the sahaba and the majority of scholars is not held by these conditions. In other words zakat is payable on assets that are held by children even if they do not have ‘aql’ or the power of reasoning / mental capacity.

Imam Abu Hanifa however held the opinion that zakat is not taken from children or the mentally incapacitated because intention is a key component of an act of worship. Therefore such individuals are not required to pay zakat as they cannot understand the intention of giving zakat.

The vast majority of other Imams and Madhahib however hold that zakat is an exception to that logic and that the right of zakat applies to wherever the wealth is found as opposed to the person.

Please watch the video for Shaykh Abu Eesa‘s exact words.

And Allah knows best

How is The End of Suhoor Calculated?

In general the average muslim does not need to make this calculation. They should simply follow their local masjid and the majority of the muslims in their area/ land. Unity of muslims is better than discord over the differences of opinion.

It is for those who need to make this decision to consider the differences of opinion and come to a judgement for their locality/ communities. The differences are primarily an issue when the land in question approaches the polar regions and is far from the equator. In such regions it is possible to have differences of a whole hour or so between the different calculations.

The time in question is the beginning of fajr as this denotes the time at which suhoor must end. The Quran clearly states that one may eat until the white thread of dawn is distinguished from the black thread of the night. However this phenomenon is not purely dependent on the sun. It can be dependent of one’s location, how observable the horizon is, one’s own eyesight and other such factors.

The astronomical dawn i.e. the point at which the night ends and the twilight of dawn begins is considered when the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon. For this reason traditionally and many Islamic apps today use 18 degrees as the basis as the time of imsak i.e. the point at which the suhoor meal must be completed.

However the astronomical dawn does not strictly meet the criterion of the Quranic imsak. There are too many variables that determine when exactly the whitishness of the true dawn occurs on a given day.

Some may say that one should be safe and make imsak a bit early, but for those who do not have much time to eat, we need to consider their needs. Furthermore, it is a sunnah to eat until the adhan is given.

In fact many studies into this have concluded that imsak occurs after 18 degrees and when the sun is more in the region of 15 degrees below the horizon and even upto 13 degrees depending on one’s location.

Therefore in conclusion, the calculation of suhoor can vary for legitimate reasons and because the Earth is not one uniform globe. And the best advice is to follow your community and the majority.

Those who wish to understand further should watch the video for Shaykh Yasir Qadhi‘s exact words.

And Allah knows best.

What is Sihr and How To Protect Yourself

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi explains sihr (magic), how the Jinn are involved, why Man should not be afraid and how to protect oneself from it.

Watch the whole video (scroll to bottom) or the short excerpts below.

Physical Strength of the Jinn…

There is no doubt that the Jinn are stronger than Man and have abilities we do not have. That is why they can apparently make the ‘impossible’ happen.

… vs Man’s Intellectual Strength

However, Man was created with a superior intellect and a more noble station…

The Evil Jinn Feels Inferior To Man

The evil shayateen amongst the Jinn, first and foremost Iblees, let their arrogance get the better of them and resent feeling inferior to the noble station granted to Man by Allah.

The Origins of Magic

The Quran tells us of how Allah sent angels Harut and Marut to the people of Babylon to test them with the knowledge of Magic.

What is Magic

Magic is the intersection between the world of the Jinn and that of Man.

How the Jinn and Magician Debase Themselves

The Magician is an evil person who debases himself in front of the Jinn to make the Jinn feel superior. In return the Jinn performs the ‘supernatural’ acts.

How to Protect Oneself

The Jinn are terrified of iman, taqwa and your belief in Allah.

Don’t Be Scared

Showing fear puts the Jinn in control. Only Allah is to be feared.

The Symptoms of Sihr


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What if Vaccine Contains Pork Gelatine?

Sheikh Abu Esa of Al Maghrib Institute clearly breaks down the issue of gelatine in vaccines in general and in light of the Covid pandemic.

Is there Gelatine in the Covid Vaccine?

Pork products being part of their vaccines has been ruled out by Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca – it is not yet clear if other vaccines in the market are gelatine-free


Why is Gelatine Used in Some Vaccines

Porcine gelatine is used in vaccines as a stabiliser – to ensure that the vaccine remains safe and effective during storage... the product used in vaccines is highly purified and broken down into very small molecules called peptides.


What Do Other Authorities Say?

Vaccines containing porcine are not permitted in Islam unless lives are at risk and there are no alternatives.


Islam and Psychology: What Makes You Happy?

Revert Muslim AbdurRaheem Green of iERA (Islamic Education & Research Academy) shares a psychological view of what makes people happy.

What Do You Think Makes You Happy?

Hedonistic Entropy is when we feed ourselves with short-term pleasures… but pleasure is not the same as happiness.

What Actually Makes You Happy

Why is it that we climb that mountain? That sense of purpose, struggle and fulfilment are keys to success and happiness.