What is Sihr and How To Protect Yourself

Sheikh Yasir Qadhi explains sihr (magic), how the Jinn are involved, why Man should not be afraid and how to protect oneself from it.

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Physical Strength of the Jinn…

There is no doubt that the Jinn are stronger than Man and have abilities we do not have. That is why they can apparently make the ‘impossible’ happen.

… vs Man’s Intellectual Strength

However, Man was created with a superior intellect and a more noble station…

The Evil Jinn Feels Inferior To Man

The evil shayateen amongst the Jinn, first and foremost Iblees, let their arrogance get the better of them and resent feeling inferior to the noble station granted to Man by Allah.

The Origins of Magic

The Quran tells us of how Allah sent angels Harut and Marut to the people of Babylon to test them with the knowledge of Magic.

What is Magic

Magic is the intersection between the world of the Jinn and that of Man.

How the Jinn and Magician Debase Themselves

The Magician is an evil person who debases himself in front of the Jinn to make the Jinn feel superior. In return the Jinn performs the ‘supernatural’ acts.

How to Protect Oneself

The Jinn are terrified of iman, taqwa and your belief in Allah.

Don’t Be Scared

Showing fear puts the Jinn in control. Only Allah is to be feared.

The Symptoms of Sihr


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