Praying Eid at Home

In this reminder, Ustadh Muhammad Tim Humble advises on how to make Eid prayer from your home with your family:

  • It is sunnah to make takbiraat before the prayers (see below).
  • It is sunnah to eat something before the prayer.
  • Khutba after the prayer is not mandatory (given the challenges of lockdown)
  • The prayer will comprise of two rakat just like Fajr/ Jumuah and the Imam will recite aloud.
  • In the first rakat, after the initial takbir to commence prayer, the Imam will make an additional 6 takbiraat (Allah Akbar).
  • In the second rakat, after takbir on rising from sujood of the first rakat, the Imam will make an additional 5 takbiraat (Allah Akbar).
  • Is is sunnah to greet the people after completing the prayer.

Takbir of Eid