When the Pagan Quraysh Made Sujood

masha’Allah what an amazing incident when the noblemen and elite of the Quraysh who had gathered in the vicinity of the haram in conversation with Muhammad SAWS could not but fall prostrate before the Majesty of Allah The Almighty upon hearing the Prophet recite surah Najm and reach the climactic verse of sujood-at-tilawaah:

So fall ye down in prostration to Allah and worship Him (Alone)

Verily the truth cannot be denied; and that truth is that we are the creation of Allah, and that within each and every one of us we harbour a soul, a nafs, that was created and extracted from Adam AS by Allah SWT so that we may all swear allegiance to Him the Almighty.

It is only the outer-self of the disbeliever that rejects the truth from sheer arrogance. But the words of the Quran softens the hearts and caused the disbelievers in the presence of the Prophet PBUH to to let go off their restraint and submit there and then by falling prostrate in an unconditional act of worship.

Such is the power of the Quran. Such is the power of surah Najm in particular; a magnificent and powerful surah that sways the hearts of those that listen to it.

This event in fact developed into a rumour that reached the migrants who had previously travelled to Abyssinia for safety that the Makkan’s had accepted Islam. However on returning to Makkah they learnt the truth and turned back once more on a second migration to Abyssinia this time with more refugee muslims in tow.